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File Reviews

TSPS Group Confidential File Review Procedures:

  1. Interview district officials to understand their policies and procedures.
  2. Review district contracts with outside vendors charged with transportation.
  3. Interview Outside Vendors’ staff to understand their policies and procedures.
  4. Periodic random interview of 10% of hired bus drivers. A confidential interview by TSPS Group to get a pulse of the safety practices from an employee viewpoint. Identity of interviewees are non-disclosed to district/contractor.
  5. Routing Safety Review
  6. Full review of the following Records if required:

DMV – 19A

  • Bus Driver Application
  • Carrier’s Annual Review of Employee’s Driving Record
  • Medical Examination Report of Driver under 19-A or FED DOT
  • Report on Annual Defensive Driving Performance
  • Final Qualification Notice
  • Bus Driver Character Reference
  • Annual Affidavit of Compliance
  • Biennial Behind the Wheel Road Test
  • Oral/Written Examination Results
  • Record Review
  • Motor Carrier Annual Statistical Report – Affidavit of Compliance
  • Abstract of Driving Record


  • Bus Inspection System Operator Profile
  • Passenger and Freight Safety Division Bus Safety Inspection Program
  • Random Drug Test and Results


  • Medical Examination Report Form
  • School Bus Driver Physical Performance Test
  • Certificate of School Bus Driver Training
  • School Bus Safety Drill Compliance Forms
  • Carrier’s Driver Refresher Course Training Sign-in Sheets

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